We had this really great dog named Flin. We had rescued him right after we just got married. He was my first American dog and really our first fury son. Flin was the most well tempered, sweet dog you could wish for, and of course, he loved his dad, my Mr. Husband. Every night, when my Mr. Husband came home from work Flin begged him to play soccer with him, that’s all Flin wanted to do with my Mr. Husband. But Mr. Husband could never play. He was either too tired, too drunk, too depressed, too busy digging in the yard … there was always a reason to postpone soccer play with Flin. After eight years of begging to play soccer with Mr. Husband Flin fell sick and was very painful. After weeks of incredible pain, suffering, and painful treatments an MRI finally revealed that Flin had a football size Lymphoma tumor growing around and inside of his spinal cord. We had to put Flin down. I was devastated about the loss of my dog, and Mr. Husband wrote a seven page poem about how he wished to just one last time play soccer with Flin. But it was too late. Flin couldn’t play anymore.

People don’t get it. The problem is people think there is so much time left to do the important things, to spend time with the people they love, and to do what they really desire to do, and that’s why they keep postponing what truly matters. But magic, love, and what makes life cannot wait. It’s now or never. What’s missed in the moment is often lost forever … Don’t wait to start living, because sometimes, there is no tomorrow.

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