Strip club owners and managers will pretend to care about your well being, and they will even promise you things and act like you are special to them. But in the end, they want you to be at their mercy, never get ahead, and always depend on the club so they have full power over you. A financially stable stripper who has a grip on her life is actually not welcome in a strip club. So it’s best to play their game, if you wish to work in this industry. Never be too smart, never tell them what you really think, and always act like you need the club. At the same time, know the club will drop you like a hot potato if some other dancers walks in the door who can figure out to be the club bosses favorite. They don’t care about you no matter what they say. All that’s in there interest is their own profit. Strip club bosses don’t differ from any other bosses except that they are lucky: they get to manage beautiful employees that walk around half naked.

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