Often, men come to the strip club to just look and talk about all the dirty things they want to do, yet, they go back home without actually acting up on their fantasies. It seems that men feel more secure by dreaming about their desires than actually living their desires. They seem to be more happy fantasizing about being happy than actually trying to pursue happiness. When a man tells you he will call you and he doesn’t it’s often not because he is not interested, it’s often safer not to call. A fantasy phone call you agree to when he asks you, “Can I call you later?” doesn’t include any risks of rejection, and he can play out his fantasy to perfection, which, as we all know, in real life there is no perfection. Smutty fantasizing seems to be more tolerable, acceptable, and often safer than actually following through with it. Like in porn. Men love to watch getting it on with two girls but in reality most of them can’t even handle being with one woman. A threesome is much better imagining, because all the technicalities and performing pressures do not become an actual obstacle. It’s fun to dream, and good for women to understand the male mind. If he says it, it doesn’t mean he means it.

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