The largest percentage of the girls working on the floor are just like Christmas decoration to the club. The more girl, the more variety, the more different body shapes, different dancers, styles, and ethnicitis the club can feature the better the club looks. I have never met a club manager or owner who actually cared for his dancers. We are just there to get the guys in, sell drinks, pay our stage fee, and give the club a fat cut off the money we make. They do not care about our well being. So it happens that the club will call you in on your days off. Management will lie and say things like, “Your customer just asked for you,” or, “We have two bachelor parties scheduled,” or, “The club is already packed, can you come and work.” Well, once you get there all the customers already left, you just missed them by a minute, and the club is slow like every night. The club tries to convince you that this is your new found family, your home. Don’t let this fool you. The club wants control over you, wants to make you feel guilty if you take a day off, and wants you to get sucked in like quick sand. They actually don’t like people like me, because I do not depend on the club and have other jobs and streams of income. The club wants you to be their slave.

If you get burned out or tired they’ll find a girl to offer you drugs so you can work a double shift, and once you are hooked on drugs you are theirs for good, because then you’ll never earn enough money. As a dancer you have to remember that the quantity of the days you work doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of work you do when you work. I can make as much money in two night as some girls make in 7 nights at the club. Your energy and etiquette on the floor is the most important asset. If you are run down, depleted, and exhausted you will even become a victim to the customers. A burned out dancer turns into useless Christmas decoration that just makes the club look good because of the number of girls that are working there, but she will most likely walk empty handed. Stripping is not easy money. In order to be success as a stripper you have to learn to value your health, time, and well being over anything else and learn certain skills to be efficient on the floor.

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