As a stripper I get constantly approached by customers suggesting to change clubs. Even the few friends that know I am working as a stripper often suggest to me where I could and should work instead. The way non-strippers put it is always very interesting. Any other club will be turned into this mouth watering establishment where dancing seems completely non-threatening and safe. Just recently a friend of mine told me, “I checked out this club, and you should really check it out. It wasn’t creepy at all, the girls were super nice and talented and seemed to be having a great time. It was a very slow night but there was no creepy stuff going on.” It is interesting that people who have never worked as a stripper feel like this about almost every club. But to be honest, there is no non-creepy strip club. It’s not the set up or the girls that make the club creepy. It’s the customers that visit, and it takes only one creep to turn the whole experience, and trust me there are more creeps than non-creeps that visit. People in general don’t go to the strip clubs to get a drink (they don’t even just go to a bar to just get a drink because you can get a drink cheaper around the corner at the liquor store). People visit to get their fix …and there is a lot of demand for fixing out there …

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