The club has taught me many things I didn’t know about life, love, humans, sex, and relationships. I had to quickly rethink and start understanding that sex is most of the times not about love. Sex can have many motives and reasons. Some people seek a physical or mental fix through sex. Sometimes, it’s really just about getting off and getting that physical fix. For other people sex is about power, creativity (for some often the only way to express themselves and be who they really are), or it’s simply a game where there is only one winner. I rarely hear people talk about sex in connection with love. Yet, I cannot help to wonder why people engage into sex without love being involved. Yeah, I get the physical relief part, but can’t you get that safer, cheaper, and less complicated by masturbating? Good sex takes a lot of effort and why would you put so much effort and skill into someone you don’t deeply care about? It seems like a waste of energy to me. But maybe, sex has become more like a 24 hour drive through fast food restaurant. You can get your favorite dish any time, any place, with minimal expense, and the jumbo size is available to your convenience because everybody is hungry for more. Wondering which sex fast food consequences we are really facing?

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